How to wear a fascinator

How to wear a fascinator

A fascinator is a hair accessory that is popular for women attending weddings, social and horse racing events. Depending on how they are placed on the head they can compliment or draw attention to your outfit. There are a variety of ways to wear a fascinator and often this depends on your hairstyle and the occasion. Remember to ask your hairdresser for help as often hairdressers have some great ideas for getting the best out of your fascinator.

Follow these tips to wear a fascinator with style.

Decide where you want to place the fascinator. If the fascinator is on a headband, then your choice of placement is limited. If it’s on a comb or clip, then you can place it wherever you want. However, it will look best placed to one side of the head or at the back. If you put the fascinator right on top of your head, you may look like feathers or flowers have sprouted from the crown.

With short or fine hair, it is often more difficult to control the fascinator, however back combing the hair or using hair mousse or spray will help add volume to the hair and offer the fascinator more support. For longer hair there are a lot more options as the fascinator can be placed near a bun or pony-tail or alternatively on the side of you head.

Place the fascinator in your hair.
Spray around the fascinator with hairspray, being careful not to get too much spray on the fascinator itself.
Use some hair grips on top of the comb or clip if you want to guarantee an extra-strong hold.
Just remember when choosing your fascinator, it either matches or contrasts your outfit and compliments your hair colour. If you practice in the mirror leading up to your special occasion, you will be surprised to find just how many different looks you can get from one fascinator…practice makes perfect!

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