Choosing the right fascinator

Choosing the right fascinator

If you have never worn or owned any kind of fascinator and are unsure, please don’t be! Having on a fascinator can change your look in ways you could never have imagined. Follow the simple guidelines below and you can be guaranteed to look amazing:

1. When you’ve decided on the outfit, put it on and decide whether or not your hair looks better being tied up or left loose, maybe with a few curls.

2. Next you should think about the pattern of the fabric, the shape formed by the cut and tailoring.
– If your outfit is pretty busy and styled, for example, a floral pattern, you may want a smaller single coloured fascinator to compliment the main colour of the dress. Consider an Indulgence or a Leah
– If your outfit is shaped or fitted, you will need a nice simple fascinator to allow for the dress to shine and the fascinator to be a simple accessory.
– If your outfit is refined you may have to choose a statement hair fascinator which has a body of shades with different shaped feathers to add some interest to the eye. A Carnival or a Cherish might be worth considering.
– If your outfit is an individual vivid colour look at a different coloured hair fascinator and coordinate it along with your shoes or another accessory. For anyone who is daring, a mirroring colour fascinator can work too but take care, it can be overkill!
– If you are wearing a coat, cardigan, pashmina or your outfit has a high neckline you would be advised not to go for a feather fascinator which is heavy and shields a large amount of your head, as this will make you look out of proportion, go for something that raises from your head, like an Eclipse or an Eternity, these also make you look taller.

3. Next consider your face shape and skin tone, start thinking about what would suit your complexion and make-up.
– If you have a paler skin tone you may want to go slightly lighter than your outfit so as to not appear ghostly especially in vivid colours.
– If you are fortunate to have a more tanned complexion then you can darken what you are wearing on your head with a darker base.
– If your facial structure is circular, it is advisable to choose a more tailored design with delicate feathers such as a Fantasy or an Adore.

4. Consider your hair colour as this can alter the appearance of a fascinator. Black bases apply a pleasing contrast to lighter hair, where as on darker hair they seem to look like they are trying to hide away unsuccessfully.

5. Think about what you would like to wear in your hair, for example feathers, silk and diamantes. This may also help you to choose other accessories and finishing touches. When you purchase your fascinator look at decorative jewellery to enhance your outfit.

6. Finally you need to decide if you want your fascinator on a comb or fitted to a headband. If you are wearing your hair down a headband could be much easier to wear and control. A comb when worn in fine hair will need to be kept in place with hair clips.

If you follow these I am confident that you will be able to pick the right fascinator for your outfit, every time and look absolutely amazing.  Please send us pictures of yourself wearing your fascinator, either by emailing us or visiting and liking our Facebook page, then tagging us in photos of you wearing one of our designs.

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